Sicilian Wine Experience

History Sicilian Wine Tradition

Sicily is the Italian region with the biggest surface used for growing vines, almost a fifth of the whole Italian surface. Its 118,926 hectares, plus portfolio and new plants, trace out an overall vineyard of over 140 thousand hectares.

When the Greek settled in the island (VIII B.C.), they found a fertile humus in Sicilyfor their oenological culture. During the 500 years of their permanence on the island, spent in harmony with its inhabitants, they changed the habits of the Sicilians, who became skilled not only in the cultivation of vines, but also in the cultivation of the olive and in the growing of wheat.

History of Wine tradition in Sicily (to download, pdf)

Twelve Sicilian Wine Routes

There are twelve Wine Routes to discover the wines and the most characteristic places of Sicily:

1) Wine Rout Monreale 
2) Wine Route Alcamo 
3) Wine Route Erice
4) Wine Route Marsala Terre d'Occidente 
5) Wine Route Val di Mazara 
6) Wine Route Terre Sicane 
7) Wine Route Castelli Nisseni
8) Wine Route Cersuolo di Vittoria 
9) Wine Route Val di Noto 
10) Wine Route Etna 
11) Wine Route Messina 
12) Wine Route Targa Florio 

Wineries on Wine Road Val di Noto (around Siracusa)

List of Syracuse Wineries with contact details (to download)

Winery Gulino (Siracusa)
Winery Marabino srl (Noto)
Winery Pupillo (Siracusa)
Winery Modica (Noto)
Winery Blundo Gaetano (Siracusa)
Winery Bufalefi (Noto)
Winery Case del Feudo (Siracusa)
Winery Arfò (Noto)
Winery Corte Montoneri (Città Giardino)
Winery Feudo Maccari (Noto)
Winery Assennato (Avola)
Winery De Luca (Pachino)
Curto (Ispica)
Winery Baroni di San Lorenzo (Pachino)
Winery Riofavara (Ispica)
Winery Barone Sergio (Pachino)
Winery Elorina (Rosolini)
Winery Vini Rudinì (Pachino)
Winery Icone srl (Noto)
Winery Colle Acre di Akrai Service (Palazzolo Acreide)
Winery Zisola (Noto)

Wine Experience

You want to relax and enjoy. It is meant to become a wine tour, a wine tour along the Wine Route of Val di Noto. The Wine Route unites a large area, with numerous villages and exciting natural and historical sites. You will find fine elegant restaurants and winery hosts that grow their own wines and don't mind inviting you for a private guide across their wineries along with an exclusive wine tasting.

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